In-house care management.

We are one of the only medical TPAs to own and operate a comprehensive care management solution. Through our integration of technology, services and on-staff registered nurse coaches, we catch at-risk employees before they have costly claims.

1:1 nurse coaching.

Our staff of registered nurses work with your employees individually to provide the advice, resources and personal support they need to regain and sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our 3-step approach.

When care management programs are powered by innovative technology, employees in need get more timely treatment.


  • Autotrigger™ reviews historical claims data to flag at-risk members.
  • Heath Risk Assessments (HRA) take less than 30 minutes and allow our nurses to assess risks and create an accurate health profile.
  • Onsite screenings complement the self-reported data of the HRA and capture a wide range                        of biometric, clinical data to increase risk awareness, guidance and support for healthier                                lifestyles.


  • Comprehensive solutions to support a wide range of interventions and individual needs across the continuum of care.
  • Dedicated Implementation Team designed to advise clients on employee health and wellness programs via online, phone or in person.
  • Program promotion and support with customized communication materials, implementation plan and incentive development.
  • Personalized focus on wellness and prevention to address all potential conditions within the disease management spectrum including ongoing assessments, motivational sessions and lifestyle medical education.


  • Wellcheck™ automates your preventive care compliance through a proprietary, automated claims process.
  • Ongoing member evaluation to analyze the latest claims data and ensure members are receiving the appropriate medical or disease management program.
  • Follow-up health screenings held on a regular basis to help members lead a healthy life and identify medical conditions early. 
  • Reporting to regularly review and compare member data, guide outcomes and accurately measure ROI .


Take your care management to the next level with our onsite healthcare clinic.