Onsite healthcare clinic.

While proactive wellness and disease management helps members adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles, the establishment of an onsite clinic takes it to the next level. We provide a wide range of clinically appropriate, convenient and accessible primary care services. 

Pharmacy usage control
With a concentration on prescribing clinically-effective generic medications, our physicians provide a focused alternative to the use of expensive brand name drugs. Further cost savings come from acquisition cost pricing and the removal of pharmacy and PBM markups.

Physician-staffed and professionally managed
Staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners and health advocates, the convenience of the our onsite healthcare makes it easier to prevent, detect and manage the treatment of serious conditions. All of our contracted providers are licensed, credentialed and maintain appropriate medical malpractice insurance.

Advanced medical records technology
Offering features like data analytics, warehousing and highly customized reporting, our paperless system enables a direct link between the clinic's electronic medical records and your benefit management platform. We follow all HIPAA guidelines to ensure members' health data is confidentially maintained.

The best in preventive care.

Our clinical staff focus on quality care over patient volume. We spend more time with patients discussing health recommendations and concerns. In addition to routine care, we conduct wellness screenings, administer tobacco cessation programs, develop personalized health coaching plans and offer educational lunchtime seminars on topics like diabetes management or stress reduction.


  • Improve the health, productivity and morale of employees
  • Provide true integration, including onsite health coaching, wellness and prevention programs
  • Provide detailed health plan analysis and effective disease management, health management and wellness incentives
  • Develop, implement and administer customized disease management programs (or increase penetration and effectiveness of existing programs) by delivering onsite, face-to-face member intervention
  • Save money with reduced or eliminated copayments for office visits and prescriptions
  • Reduce time spent traveling to offsite medical appointments, sitting in waiting rooms and filling out paperwork and filing claims (Plus, your people can have same or next day access for routine preventive exams)
  • Receive personalized wellness and disease management consultation for chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and asthma


  • Health coaching, wellness and prevention programs
  • Population health risk analysis and outcomes reporting
  • Injury treatment and management
  • Pharmacy utilization control programs
  • First aid and emergency response when appropriate
  • Detailed health plan analysis
  • Referral management
  • Biometric screening programs including lab work from prescribing providers
  • Immunizations, allergy shots and vaccinations
  • Personalized wellness and disease management consultation for chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension or asthma
  • Acute symptom treatment and management