The game is rigged to make you and your people pay more.

While you’re stuck struggling to deal with rising healthcare premiums, your employees are stuck dealing with unexpected healthcare costs like $1050 for toothpaste. (Yeah, that’s a real price we’ve seen come through on a medical claim.) In fact, 63% of Americans have received medical bills that cost more than anticipated.

That’s why we act as an advocate for your people and your organization to help navigate the system, negotiate fair market pricing and review claims for errors.


    A game-changing employee experience.

    The healthcare system is complicated – that’s why we never make employees battle it alone. We provide employees with just one number to call when they need guidance and equip them with interactive tools to ensure they are supported every step of the way.

    • My Benefits™ web portal
    • mBENEFITS™ mobile app
    • Dedicated customer advocates
    • Enrollment decision support tools
    • Personalized online enrollment experience

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    Benefits, anytime. Anywhere.

    User-friendly and interactive tools make it easy for employees to manage their benefits year-round. The My Benefits™ web portal and mBENEFITS™ mobile app offer employees a convenient way to manage and view their:

    • Medical expenses summary
    • Total out-of-pocket expenses summary
    • Claims summary
    • Claims history
    • HIPAA-compliant messaging

    Your people. Our focus.

    The best type of claim is one that never happens. Using a holistic approach, our in-house HEALTHY(me)™ care management solution reduces healthcare complexity, empowers employees and controls costs across the continuum of care.

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