Health Plan Management

We aren’t your average TPA.

Maestro Health is an employee health and benefits company that’s changing the status quo. By giving employers more transparency and access to data, we’re helping to cut costs and improve employees’ healthcare experience.

Along with offering health plan administrative services, Maestro Health provides high flexibility plans for self-funded clients including:

  • In-house care management
  • 25 years of claim processing experience
  • Actionable data and reporting at no additional cost
  • Reference-based pricing that you can actually understand
  • Full transparency into service costs

Custom solutions to meet you where you are.

We understand that not everyone will have the same comfort level when working with a new TPA or making the transition from fully-funded to self-funded. Our team of experts helps you determine where you want to start and what services work best for your business. And if you’re really not ready to go all-in, we offer a traditional self-funded approach as well.

Build healthcare that works for everyone.

Don’t let insurance companies control your healthcare. Build a plan that puts people first.

Begin building your plan