Break the rules. Ditch traditional networks.

Networks are supposed to offer discounted rates, but if the prices are already marked up by over 700% (which they are at the average for-profit hospital) then it’s hardly a fair rate.

That’s why we don’t play by the rules of traditional networks. Instead, we offer employees access to any hospital and provider of their choice and we negotiate what they’ll charge, based on the fair prices that are determined by Medicare – saving you and your employees a game-changing amount of money. We call it people-friendly reference-based pricing. 

Level up with people-friendly reference-based pricing.

We use people-friendly reference-based pricing to help employees pay a fair amount for healthcare expenses and services. Unlike the traditional network approach that includes padded claims like $500 for a bottle of aspirin (yikes), we act as a third-party that negotiates pricing with providers on behalf of the employer based on fair market pricing.


We’ll meet you where you’re at on your self-funded journey.

We understand that not everyone will have the same comfort level. With our proven crawl, walk, run strategy, we consult with you to ensure that you start at one of our three health plan management levels to meet you where you are. And if you’re really not ready to go all-in, we offer a traditional self-funded approach as well.


If the healthcare system doesn't always play fair, why should we play by their rules? Find out how we are helping employers and brokers change the game for their people.