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Chief Operations Officer

Brandon Wood

7 Modern Strategies to Reclaim Healthcare.

Healthcare today is anything but simple. Brokers, consultants and employers are left trying to piece together a broken system and regain control.

This isn’t healthcare.

We’ve defined seven modern strategies to help you break out of the status quo and control costs, improve member support and design a better healthcare experience.

Build healthcare that works for everyone.

Don’t let insurance companies control your healthcare. Build a plan that puts people first.

Begin building your plan

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Check out our latest tips and tools on how to take control over health outcomes. View All Resources

Meet the New Maestro Health: We’re More Than a TPA.

Meet the New Maestro Health: We’re More Than a TPA.

We’ve seen a lot of rapid change in the past year, from work routines to how we manage our wellbeing. While change can be a little uncertain, we’re using this as an opportunity to refresh our approach to healthcare. We’re kicking off the second half of the year with a...

5 Ways to Direct Your Members to the Right Care

5 Ways to Direct Your Members to the Right Care

As people struggle to adapt to current events, now is the time for employers to empower health plan members to take control of their healthcare and overall wellbeing. But it’s not as simple as just sending out an email reminding people about their benefits. When it...