We're a carrier's BFF.

Maestro Health began working with carriers back in 2009 in an effort to make voluntary benefits people-friendly again. In 2017, we launched voluntaryEDGE to our carrier partner(s) to equip brokers with a complete system of record for voluntary products to sell to a broad portfolio of groups.

Our voluntary solution.

A noiseless backend technology solution, paired with the sleek enrollment HR professionals expect.

Meet, voluntaryEDGE.

voluntaryEDGE offers the smart backend administration with the sleek enrollment HR professionals expect. It’s an end-to-end platform – an entire system of record that provides a pain-free solution for you and your clients.

  • Employee enrollment with decision support for your voluntary products
  • Eligibility management to take care of things like life and work event changes
  • Reporting through insured, employer and broker portals for an accurate look at enrollment data

To learn how we equipped Aflac® with voluntaryEDGE, click here.

Billing made easy.
voluntaryEDGE eliminates the noise of billing errors. Billing and reconciliation is consolidated all on one platform, ensuring that things like payroll deductions are always accurate.

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