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Big insurers shouldn’t control health benefits. You should.

Designing healthcare benefits can feel like a losing battle, especially when big insurers call the shots. Without insight into pricing or your members’ health outcomes you’re often stuck with higher costs and your people are stuck with exacerbated health issues.

It’s time to flip the script. Maestro Health is a tech-enabled TPA who can help employers navigate the system. Our self-funded benefits solution gives you the power to control your costs and make healthcare better for everyone involved.

We’re helping employers regain control with our tech-enabled solutions and access to data.

Gain Real Transparency

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry in the U.S. and you’re footing the bill. But where are those dollars even going? Maestro Health’s cutting-edge technology, claims management and data insights provide you with visibility into how your benefits are used so you can reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

Find a Partner & Advocate

The healthcare industry is riddled with fraud, waste and abuse, but we won’t let you deal with that on your own. We’ll spot the inaccuracies in your claims data and negotiate better pricing on your behalf.

Personalize Clinical Care Management

Our team of dedicated nurses support members’ personalized care plans by providing everything from wellbeing support to more comprehensive case management, chronic and complex condition management and utilization reviews.

Build the self-funded benefits solution that’s right for you.

We do things differently. Our self-funded benefits solution consists of three core components designed to let you pick and choose what works for you and your members.

Administrative Services

From call support and member education to claims management and stop-loss administration, we’ll handle all the grunt work of your health plan.

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Clinical Care Management

We meet your members where they are on their healthcare journey, whether that means mitigating acute risks or managing chronic conditions.

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Cost Management

Pick your provider network, structure out-of-network repricing, and determine how you want to manage pharmacy benefits. We’ll take care of the rest.

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What self-funded means to employers.

Welcome to the other side of health insurance—where everyone is on the same team, looking to make the right health decisions.

Manage Benefits Online

Easily administer and manage benefits using the My Benefits dashboard, and make it easy for members to enroll and manage their health plans.

Reduce Claim Costs

By creating a healthcare benefits solution that works for your organization, you can reduce claim costs over time with personalized care management that directly addresses the health needs of your members.

Improve Health Outcomes

In the end, the convoluted web of the health industry is supposed to be about health. Improve outcomes for your members by building a health plan that focuses on health and wellness.

5% of members drive 51% of costs.

The names may change, yet the numbers stay the same. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A self-funded benefits solution gives you control over healthcare benefits. Reduce costs and improve outcomes—and help support happier, more productive people.

A self-funded benefits solution puts the health back in healthcare. Everyone wins.

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