We are Reimagining Employee Benefits.

By reimagining benefits, we can do what you never thought was possible.

All-in service:

We believe the best technology shouldn't come without the best service. Our dedicated team is all-in for your benefit(s) throughout the year.

No-nonsense pricing:

We're here to help, not nickel and dime you to death. We have flexible pricing and no hidden fees.

No vendor juggling:

When you're juggling too many vendors, it's easy to drop the ball. We streamline the entire process by owning and operating all solutions in-house.

Flexibility by design:

We've taken care of all the hard work, so you can simply choose your configurations and let our technology do the rest. 

Real cost control, not just cost shifting:

Put money back into your business, not another line on your balance sheet.

Self-funded exchange:

Implementing an exchange doesn't mean you have to go fully-insured. Our all-in solution means you can have your self-funded cake and eat it too. 

For brokers.  Your clients—regardless of size—look to you for the best solution. In this post-ACA world, we know just how tough finding that solution can be. Our fully customizable platform allows you to meet the needs of any group with quick and easy white label options.  Did we mention customizations are complimentary? No drawn out implementation timelines. No juggling multiple vendors. No hassling with disjointed service models. Just ONE all-in solution

For employers.  Your bottom line is our bottom line: happy employees, cost containment and HR admin burden relief. We want your people to engage with our platform, and for you to pay less to have them do so. 

Because we own and operate our own exchange, self-funded medical TPA and care management solution we are able to provide fully customizable options, a user-friendly interface and no-nonsense pricing.  Imagine if your CFO had a benefits solution that lowers cost. Or your HR manager increasing efficiency with a comprehensive benefits support team and error-proof data transfer.  Or even better, imagine grateful employees enjoying the opportunity to take control of their benefits via a familiar, e-commerce style shopping experience.