We want to help you navigate through the dynamic world of employee benefits by giving you options that make sense. Options that are owned and operated by Maestro, all integrated under one roof - with one platform - one team.

Maestro Health is the only all-in model with a technology meets service platform that integrates all components of employee benefits on your behalf.  We bring all pieces together (private exchange marketplace, enrollment, self-funded solutions, CDH, billing and medical management) under one roof and on a single platform, so that you are connected to one company, one service team, one portal.  Our flexible platform offers you the ability to build your own (service-supported and fully-integrated) benefits marketplace without all the extra time and cost. We are here to help you meet all the needs of your group in one place.  

Here's the bottom line.  We own and operate our own proprietary private exchange and medical TPA.  Our "out-of-the-box" technology  allows you to customize your own marketplace within minutes from the comfort of your own office.  The same awesome technology enables seamless integration of all your benefits solutions on to one platform, including our self-funded medical TPA (or yours too!).

Technology unlike any other.  Service model out of this world.  Integration pain-free.   

“We have worked with a lot of exchange providers and you are by far the best one out there. We really like that we’re not having to teach you our industry, you just get it.”
— Guardian Life Insurance Company